Ken Hom Wok Review: Best Wok in The Market 2023

A wok is a deep round-bottom cooking pot invented in China. Woks are used in  Chinese cooking techniques, including stir-frying, pan-frying, poaching, boiling, searing, stewing, making soup and roasting nuts. 

Now you are going to read our complete Ken Hom wok review. Let’s talk about some information about Ken Hom. Ken Hom OBE is a Chinese-American chef, author and BBC-TV television host. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in authentic Chinese and Asian cooking. Over 8 million of Ken Hom wok’s have been sold worldwide. 

Ken Hom Nonstick Flat Bottom Stir Fry Wok is one of Ken Hom’s popular products. This wok is very deep and very nice to look at. It can make you fall in love at first sight. Haha! This aluminum wok looks very beautiful and classy in black color. Ken Hom wok is made with aluminum and of course, it is dishwasher safe. This wok is best for traditional cooking techniques like stir-frying, boiling, stewing, making soup, etc. It is a great wok with so many features that make this wok easy to use. Let’s take a look at the features of this wok.

Features of Ken Hom Nonstick Flat Bottom Stir Fry Wok

ken hom wok review


The first thing you notice when you look at a Ken Hom wok is its black shiny finish with a classic look. It’s not the most glamorous wok, but it’s also not bad and boring either. This wok is quite large and Ken Hom provides many sizes for this wok. The 12” nonstick aluminum black wok looks very lovely and the polished aluminum makes it even shinier. Two handles also fit well with this wok, which gives it a traditional look.


The Ken Hom wok is quite large and deep so that it can hold a lot of food. The depth of this wok makes it easy to move the dishes, which gives equal heat and does not burn any part of the food. Even if you accidentally burn the food, you know that this wok is nonstick. You can easily clean the wok with hot water and soap. And you know that food never sticks to a nonstick wok. The inside of this wok is not completely rounded. The bottom is slightly flattened so that heat is evenly distributed and the flat bottom is suitable for all stove-tops without additional tools. And since the bottom is a little flat, the wok looks professional and traditional.


As you can see in the picture, this aluminum wok in black color looks very classy. This Ken Hom deep wok looks very durable with the handle. It’s actually quite durable. You can understand how durable the wok is by following the feedback from different buyers, which we have given below. If you look at one site of this wok, you can see that there is a pour spout to remove or save extra sauce and liquids.

best ken hom wok


You can call this Ken Hom wok a real workhorse in the kitchen. You can call it a donkey because donkeys are also very useful. Haha! The lightweight nonstick 3mm thick aluminum body of this wok retains perfect heat and this wok has a much stronger protective layer than the original metal. Which makes it corrosion and scratch-resistant; also it does not react with acidic food. So you can cook all kinds of acidic or alkaline food! You don’t have to be afraid. The Ken Hom wok is scratch-resistant and has a toxin-free nonstick interior. It is made for everyday use and keeps the food sliding smoothly along the surface. Which makes cooking easier and easier to clean. The wok is suitable for all stovetops. This wok is dishwasher-safe;  PFOA, PTFE free.


The Ken Hom wok has a Soft-touch handle which is extremely comfortable. The handle is designed for safety; there will be no damage to the hand by the handle. The handle does not get hot so you can easily hold the handle and move while cooking. There is no supportive handle. But in the other 3 styles of this wok you will get a supportive handle. A support handle provides extra support when lifting and unloading which maintains balance. The company will not provide any lid/cover with a 12” nonstick aluminum wok. But the 11” nonstick stainless steel wok has a glass lid/cover. If you need a wok with a lid then you can check the second one.


61% of users rated this wok 5-star and 17% of users rated it 4-star. From this, you can guess how good the wok is and how durable it is. Most people want to know the durability of the handle of this wok. Because the handle breaks quickly. The handle of this wok is very durable. With this wok, you can play table tennis without any problem. You can also play badminton. (Joke).  2-year warranty provided by Ken Hom brand.

Cleanup performance:

As you know that this wok is nonstick and made of aluminum. Aluminum easily cleans to keep its original shiny finish. According to many buyer reviews, This wok is nonstick but after some cleaning, the bottom started to rust. Many buyers have complained about this. These were much earlier models. Now the company listens to all buyer complain and upgrade this wok in next version. Now this version has gained a good reputation in the market. Most buyers have appreciated this new model wok. Even then, if you use the wok carefully, scratches will not be a problem. When stirring food with a spoon, stir it gently so that scratch will not be a problem.

Ken Hom Wok Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the diameter of the bottom?

Ans: The flat surface of the wok measures seven (7) inches.

2. Is there a lid cover for the 12-1/4 Ken Hom wok?

Ans: No, but the 11” nonstick stainless steel wok has a glass lid/cover.

3. Is there a top available for purchase for this wok?

Ans: No top included.

4. Is this item nonstick?

Ans: Yes, it is nonstick.

5. What is the height of the actual product?

Ans: It is four (4) inches in height.


  • Huge wok
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nonstick, cleaning super easy
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Even heating, superior heat distribution


  • This wok doesn’t come with a lid.
  • It is non-stick so there are some special guidelines for use/care that should be followed if you want the non-stick cover to continue working. It can be a ‘con’ if no one pays attention.

I am quite critical of my cookware and this wok seems to be a major thing in my kitchen for a long time to come. The base is very thick and will prevent warping. The nonstick coating is hard and there is no indication that it will peel off any time soon. It is a great size, fits in the cupboard and is not difficult to use. Highly recommended!

A user

No complaints. Recommended by a chef on YouTube and we took a chance on it. We’ve used it a few times since it came out and it’s great. It is non-stick and the food becomes delicious. What else can I say? I’m not a wok expert, but I’m happy with this one.

A buyer

I have always wanted to own a real Asian wok. I already own a frying pan that looks like a wok, but it has always been my dream to have the name of a real Asian chef written on it. And why the Home 12 “Excellence Stir Fry Wok has fulfilled that dream so beautifully.

James Morris
A buyer

Final Words:

So there you go. How was the Ken Hom wok review? The Ken Hom wok by Ken Hom may not fulfill every cook’s requirement. But it is definitely easy to use, aluminum wok with a cool grip handle and nonstick interior. Every cook will love this wok because of its large surface and ease to use. If you are looking for a wok, you can definitely check this Ken Hom wok.

We talk about another nonstick wok which is T fal wok. If you want to know more about woks, you can read this article.

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