De Buyer Crepe Pan Review: Best Crepe Pan In The Market

De Buyer is a famous company in the world of cookware. De Buyer has been working in the market for almost 200 years. All De Buyer product is handicraft in France with only premium materials.

De Buyer Crepe Pan is one of De Buyer’s popular products. Now you are going to read our complete De Buyer crepe pan review. We spend hours researching and testing different crepe pans so that we can bring you the best quality crepe pan that will save your time and money. We always try to be honest in our reviews. So now what you are going to read in this De Buyer crepe pan review will greatly enhance your pan buying experience. 

This crepe pan is made with nonstick carbon and stainless steel. As we know Carbon steel pan is ideal for all your batters, crepes, pancakes, and tortillas.

It is a great crepe pan with so many benefits that make this pan easy to use. When we are buying a product, most of the time we look for value for money. That is what you will get with De Buyer Crepe Pan. It has some gorgeous and amazing benefits which will benefit you.

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Features of De Buyer Crepe Pan, Nonstick Frying and Pancake Pan

de buyer crepe pan review



The first thing you notice when you look at a De Buyer crepe pan is its gray shiny finish with a classic look. It’s not the most glamorous pan, but it’s also not bad and boring either. This pan is quite large, the 10“ gray pan looks very nice and the carbon and stainless steel make it even shinier. With this classy look, it’s fit in any type of kitchen.


The interior is made of nonstick carbon stainless steel. The De buyer crepe pan is flat and quite large so that it can hold a lot of food. The inner surface is finished with signature beeswax that protects against oxidation and eliminates the need for traditional seasoning. De Buyer’s carbon steel pans are not coated with any synthetic chemicals that make them safe to use without having to worry about any harmful residues contaminating your food.


This pan is made with 99% iron and 1% carbon steel. De Buyer’s carbon steel pans are 40% lighter in weight than a cast iron pan. Carbon steel is a heavy-duty material used to make a variety of cooking utensils and food. Carbon steel was born in France; It is one of the oldest materials used in cookware. This pan has a 9.4”/10.2”/11.8” cooking surface.

crepe pan


You can call this de buyer crepe pan a real workhorse in the kitchen. You can call it a donkey because donkeys are also very useful. Haha! You know that this pan is nonstick and the company does not use any synthetic chemical that can harm your health. This pan has a smooth cooking surface and the ability to reach high temperatures combine the best of both worlds in cast iron and stainless steel cooking utensils and are often the # 1 choice for professionals and home chefs.

Riveted Handle:

De buyer crepe pan has a cool grip handle. Solid stainless steel handle attached to the main body with 2 strong screws and the handle stays cool on the stovetop and the handle is extremely comfortable. A hole has been made in the head of the handle so that the pan can be hung on the rack. The handle is designed for safety; there will be no damage to the hand by the handle. You will find a De Buyer logo on the handle. Using the same technique as the Eiffel Tower, De Buyer’s carbon steel pan-riveted handles have been carefully rendered and will not loosen over time. The company will not provide any lid/cover with this pan.


81% of users rated this pan 5-star and 9% of users rated it 4-star. Almost all of them have praised the durability of this product. From this, you can guess how good the pan is and how durable it is. No matter what, there is no question about the durability of this product. In my opinion, it is the best product as your cooking companion.

Cleanup performance:

As you know that this pan is nonstick and made of carbon stainless steel. Stainless steel easily cleans to keep its original shiny finish. According to many buyer reviews, It is mostly non-stick. But the center inside the pan (where De Buyer has stamped their logo) is a little sticky. However, if you preheat the pan, then reduce the heat (or medium-low depending on the power of your burner) and add oil and then add food, you can reduce the stickiness.

De Buyer Crepe Pan Frequently Asked Question

1. How good is this pan for making pizza?

Ans: It would work fine but you can make a small pizza on it.

2. Is it possible to season this in the oven?

Ans: Yes, you can season it in the oven at 400 to 425 degrees with a very thin layer of flax oil, which will give you a nice black coating.

3. Do you have to season the outside of the pan as you do with cast iron pans?

Ans: I didn’t do anything from the outside and it still feels like it did when I bought it. Do not overheat the pan while seasoning; otherwise it may become distorted.

4. Does this pan is good to cook crepes?

Ans: Yes! That’s why people buy it- to make crepes.

5. Could you use this to make pancakes?

Ans: Yes. Just keep the heat medium-low and wait for the pan to heat up.


  • Stainless steel
  • Nonsticky
  • Protects against oxidation
  • Natural beeswax finish
  • Riveted handle
  • Less heavy


  • Not provide any lid

I love this pan. I’ve been trying to stay away from non-stick pans for years and haven’t been able to hang cast iron.  This pan is the answer! The seasoning process is simple. With just a few good uses, it’s completely non-stick and I regularly make eggs, omelets, pancakes, and everything without any problems.

Daniel E.
A buyer

Excellent pan!!! The season is easy and works perfectly!! Made eggs and French toast and NO STICKING. Amazing !!!

Diane Perera
A buyer

So I bought this to use for pancakes. It’s not disappointing. Nothing sticks on it. I usually make my pancakes and then fry my eggs in it too. I really like it very much.

A user

Final word:

So there you go. How was the De buyer crepe pan review? The De Buyer crepe pan by De Buyer may not fulfill every cook’s requirement. But it is definitely easy to use, carbon stainless steel with nonsticky and signature beeswax that protects against oxidation. Every cook will love this pan because of its smooth cooking surface and the ability to reach high temperatures. If you are looking for a pan to make crepe, eggs, omelets, pancakes, and everything without any problems, you can definitely check this De buyer crepe pan.

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