8 Best Paella Pans: 2023 Reviews & Top Picks

This article is for all of you who are looking to buy the best paella pan. Today you are going to read our 8 best paella pans review, which are our top picks. We spend hours researching and testing different pans so that we can bring you the best quality pan that will save your time and money.

There are many types of paella pan available on the market. Different sizes, shapes and materials make it difficult to identify which type of paella pan is most suitable for your needs. We are here to explain everything so that you can choose the best pan without any confusion. What is a paella pan? A paella pan is a large and wide cooking utensil made of metal and usually has two small handles on either side. This pan is mainly used for making paella which is a traditional Spanish rice dish, but you can fry anything with this pan. A paella pan is one of the most versatile cooking items that you can keep in your kitchen. The 8 best paella pans are listed below, let’s have a look!

List of 8 Best Paella Pans Review

We reviewed 8 of the best paella pans for you. Here is the list:

  1. La Paella 18″ Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan, Large.
  2. Carbon Steel 15-Inch Garcima Paella Pan, 38cm.
  3. Silver Stainless Steel 13.5 Inch Spanish Paella Pan, Restaurantware.
  4. Carbon Steel Magefesa Paella Pan in Polished Steel.
  5. Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan And Skillet, Pre-Seasoned.
  6. Matfer Bourgeat Paella Pan,  Black Carbon Steel.
  7. Cuisinart Paella Pan, Non-Stick, 15″, Red,ASP-38CR.
  8. Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan Made In France, Black Steel.

La Paella 18″ Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan, Large.

La Paella Pan

Let’s have a look at our first pick, the La Paella Pan perfect for making a delicious paella. The professional-grade carbon steel of this pan is extra thick. As a result, the pan is very durable and beautiful to look at. The heavy carbon steel pan delivers quick, even cooking and the grooves pattern on the interior promotes healthful browning. 

This 18″ pan has a smooth carbon steel body that distributes heat well and it has two metal handles without breaking down like other pans with plastic handles. You can use this pan on a paella burner or a gas or charcoal grill. The paella you cook in this pan is ideal for serving 5 to 8 people. You will be provided with an information booklet along with this pan, which contains two recipes and tips for perfect paella.

A carbon steel nonstick coating creates healthy meals with fewer oils. After you buy this pan, always remember it requires a bit of maintenance after washing.

It is an authentic paella pan, made in Spain. If you are searching for a large paella pan definitely check this pan.

“This is a perfect pan. I’ve made a few paellas with it so far and loved it. It is the perfect size to feed 8-12 people. I fed 6 people last night and half a paella was left. This pan is big enough that I could easily increase that recipe by 50% without any problems. The pan ripens naturally as soon as it is used. I treat this pan as a small carbon steel pan that I have used for years without any problems.”

ManFromIdaho, A user

Carbon Steel 15-Inch Garcima Paella Pan, 38cm.

Garcima paella pan

Our second pick is Garcima Paella Pan. Why it is our second choice, because its price is very low and the quality is much better. There are many types of garcima paella pans on the market, but we have picked the best one for you. We have researched that other garcima paella pans are much more expensive and people do not want to buy them. And the ratings of those pans are not good. We picked this pan for you because everyone likes to buy this pan and almost everyone gave this pan a good rating.

This authentic 15” garcima paella pan is made in Spain. This pan is made of carbon, the carbon interior is durable and highly scratch-resistant. This is the ideal choice for you for everyday use! This carbon steel conducts heat well, requiring little maintenance after washing. 

This pan is safe to use on stovetop, oven or grill. Your cooked paella in this pan is ideal for serving 3 to 5 people. This pan also comes with an informative pamphlet that contains two recipes, tips for the perfect paella and pan care instructions. 

All in all, Garcima Paella Pan is a good choice for those who are looking for a good quality Paella Pan at a low price.

“Great product. I made 3 Spanish paellas in it and they were great. This pan is quite heavy duty and it will stay with me for the rest of my life and not until you throw it around or bang it too badly. Use it with respect and it will serve you quite well for a long time. The bottom of this pan has dimples and it is quite common among most top-quality paella pans. I haven’t researched it in-depth, but I’ve heard from several sources that it helps make Socarrat. “Socarrat” is that lovely, gorgeous crust that is formed at the bottom of the pan when the liquid is rendered and the rice reaches its top.”

Papadoc, Charlotte, NC

Silver Stainless Steel 13.5 Inch Spanish Paella Pan, Restaurantware.

Spanish Paella Pan

When this pan comes in front of you, you will want to buy it. Because the pan is very attractive. The Spanish paella pan is made with a smooth sheet of stainless steel. Which is shining like a mirror. The classy look of this pan will win anyone’s heart. The silver color fits a lot in this pan. This pan will be available in three sizes of 8 “, 10″ and 13”. There are three different prices for each size. You can see the prices by clicking on the link given above.

The Spanish Paella pan is made as induction ready and distributes heat evenly across the pan for quick cooking and accurate temperature control. Stainless steel stops food from sticking to the pan! The bottom layer is textured; that’s why this Spanish paella pan quickly releases food and prevents rice and other ingredients from sticking. This pan is made from high-quality stainless steel; this large Spanish Paella Pan is designed to withstand heavy-duty use. Tight riveted handles are included in this pan for a comfortable grip while cooking.

This pan is great for quick cleaning! This steel paella pan is conveniently dishwasher-safe. The pan cools down quickly after use; no problem to clean directly after cooking.

This pan is very strong and durable, very beautiful to look at. You can use the pan for a long time without any problem.

About Restaurantware

“The pan works just like the company says. There is no problem in making Paella and the construction seems to be quite strong. The 10 “pan has plenty of cooking space and was a pleasure to cook with. Used properly, it is easy to clean.”

Jared W. A buyer

Carbon Steel Magefesa Paella Pan in Polished Steel.


The price of this product is the lowest in our top 8 list. We have added this product to our top 8 list for those who are looking for a better pan at a lower price. It is not necessary to buy the product just by looking at the price. Since the price of the product is much lower, it will have some disadvantages. Even then, the magefesa paella pan is not so bad, if it were a bad product it would not be on our list. So let’s take a look at everything about this product.

The magefesa paella pan is made of top-quality polished steel. This Paella pan conducts heat quickly and evenly to create the perfect Paella. The thin and light material makes this Paella pan durable and reliable. This carbon steel paella pan is suitable for wood fire, gas, in vitroceramic and gas burners. 

Magefesa paella pans are authentic and imported from Spain. Magefesa is one of the top kitchen brands in Spain. The brand is at the top of the market with pressure cookers, pans and cookware.

After using this pan, clean the cooking part with soap and water. Then dry the pan thoroughly with a soft cloth to maintain its characteristic polished appearance.

“This pan retains its shape, does not deform when heated and performs as expected during the making paella. I grilled the meat in it and then closed the lid and used it to prepare the sofrito before finishing the paella inside the grill.”

5galloncan, Cape Coral, FL

Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan And Skillet, Pre-Seasoned.

Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan

This Lodge carbon steel paella pan is made by Lodge Cast Iron, and Lodge Cast Iron Company is well known in the market. Lodge cast Iron’s products are very durable. Lodge Cast Iron has been producing good quality cookware and accessories since 1896. They say they make the best cookware on the planet! I leave it up to you whether this statement is true or not. Let’s take a look at the product.

This pan is basically a skillet and paella pan. But with this pan you can fry anything. This pan is made of alloy carbon steel. 12-gauge carbon steel heats up quickly and retains heat for even cooking. This pan is very strong for decades of cooking. This pan is made in USA. Can be used on gas, electric, induction stove, outdoor grill or open fire. This pan is not nonsticky; it is a disadvantage of this pan. So the pan has to be washed by hand, dried immediately, rubbed with cooking oil.

How to Clean!

You will get this Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan in 4 sizes. You will find this Lodge Carbon Steel Paella Pan in 4 sizes. 8″, 10″, 12 “and 15”. The first three sized pans are basically skillet, these pans have a large handle. The last 15 “pan is the Paella pan, it has a dual handle.

This black-color lodge carbon steel paella pan looks awesome. The rating of this pan is very well, you can check it by clicking on the link given above.

“I have a family collection that is over 100 years old pieces that are still used regularly. Well-seasoned and easy to keep that way. Steaks – eggs – and vegetables are perfect for blackening – I’ll buy 5 next year so the family can enjoy all the “cooking”. Get this pan. Seriously, you’ll love it.”

Eagle 101st, A user

Matfer Bourgeat Paella Pan,  Black Carbon Steel.

Matfer Bourgeat Paella Pan

Matfer Bourgeat is a family-owned French industrial group. The group has been operating in the market since its inception in 1814. Yet the industry is gaining a reputation by supplying good quality products to the market. One of the products of this industry is Matfer Bourgeat Paella Pan. Black carbon steel is a natural mineral material, this pan does not use any harsh chemicals or coatings, which promotes healthy cooking. And this pan is PTFE and PFOA free 

Black carbon steel brings top heat distribution and temperature control. Which preserves vitamins and nutrients in your food. This pan is capable of making paella to serve 7-8 people. This steel pan can withstand and maintain extremely high temperatures, as it can be used for all hob and stove types, including induction.

For extra strength and safety, this Matfer Bourgeat Paella Pan has two handles that are welded into the body. This pan is riveted-free. This pan protects itself from bacterial attacks. Its curved sides and a wide and shallow cooking surface are designed to fry meat and vegetables before adding rice.

The pan is soo beautiful to look at. And the feedback of this pan on Amazon is very good. You can see all ratings by clicking on the link given above.

“This pan is extremely well made and quite strong. It cooks evenly, even on the grill. If you are looking for a great Paella pan then this is it. I bought it as a replacement for my old pan and I am very happy to use this pan. After using it from the stove top to the oven and twice on the grill, I was satisfied with the uniformity of heat distribution and the durability of the pan. It cleans up nicely.”

Cassandra, Retired | North Carolina BWO: IN, CA, AZ, FL, VA

Cuisinart Paella Pan, Non-Stick, 15″, Red,ASP-38CR.

Cuisinart Paella Pan

Cuisinart is a well-known name in the world of cooking. Cuisinart has been supplying good quality products to the market since 1971. Cuisinart is best known for food processors, pans, pots, wok and other small appliances. The Cuisinart Non-Stick Paella Pan is one of Cuisinart’s popular product. This pan is nonstick made of alloy steel. The red color painting in this pan looks so beautiful and classy. We also have a detailed review on Cuisinart Saute Pan in case if you want to check that out.

You get this pan with a glass lid which no other company will give you. The cover glass is completely transparent so that you can see everything inside the pan. This will help you to understand the condition of the food while cooking. There is a handle on the glass lid that allows you to easily remove the lid to move food. The cuisinart paella pan has two small handles with the Cuisinart logo on either side.

Alloy steel provides quick and even heating. This Cuisinart paella pan is extremely durable. The non-stick cooking surface helps to prepare food quickly and can be easily cleaned. Note, this pan is safe in the oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass lid is safe in the oven up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cuisinart paella pan gives you a lifetime warranty. Cuisinart paella pans give you a lifetime warranty. And this company is very well known; everyone believes in this company. Cuisinart is a good choice if you are looking for a Paella pan.

Let’s Watch A Video Review

Amazing pan for the price. You get the pan for about half the price of a pan from a ‘gourmet’ company; it does whatever you want for a paella pan. The size is traditional and the pan is suitable for a family of four, or twice for a couple (Paella is a great remnant for dinner). Cooks well and evenly, and is easy to put in and out of the oven. Interesting enough to serve at the table. Easy to clean.

Tayman, A buyer

Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan Made In France, Black Steel.

Mauviel M'Elite Paella pan

Our last pick is Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan. Why this is our last choice, because of its price. The price of this pan is a little higher. That is not to say that the quality of this product is bad. Since the price of the product is a little higher, the quality of the product is also better than other pans. The pan will come in two sizes. The price of a small size pan is quite good. Mauviel has been on the market since 1830. Mauviel has been on the market since 1830. And they’ve always made good quality cookware. So this company can be easily trusted. Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan is also a good quality pan; all buyers have appreciated this product. You can see it by clicking on the link above. 

Mauviel M’Steel Paella Pan is Made in France. Made of extra thick black carbon steel/alloy steel. This pan has two iron handles. This pan conducts heat well. This will help make your cooking faster and tastier. The pan will darken with use, naturally its surface will become nonstick

Note: Do not use dish soap and do not remove the black layer that will form at the bottom of the pan. To get good results, always dry the pan thoroughly and store it in a dry place. After cooking, wash the pan in warm water, wipe with a soft sponge and let dry well. After all, you must realize that you have to be very careful to keep this pan for a long time. Not only this pan but all the panes have to follow these notes to keep them for a long time.

The price of this pan is a little higher, but the quality of the pan is much better. The buyers of this pan have appreciated this pan. If you are looking for a good quality pan, you can take this pan.

Socarrat is one of the most important ingredients for a true paella – and to make it happen – you need to distribute the excellent heat from the burner to the pan – this pan works impressively.

Jim, A user

Final words

It is our complete 8 best paella pans reviews. We spent a lot of time searching and finding the best paella pans for you. So that you can pick the best pan. It saves you valuable time, which you were going to spend on finding a good pan. These pans are one of the best pans on the market. Which we have picked based on the needs and opinions of the buyers. You can buy any pan from here. Your dishes are going to be much sweeter with the pan.

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