All Clad Grill Pan Review: It Is The Pan That You Are Looking For

All of you who are searching to choose the best grill pan should read this review. And everyone knows that the best grill pan to purchase is the all clad grill pan. Since 1971, All Clad has been improving the cookware industry. The founder of All-Clad, John Ulam, was neither a trained cook nor a product engineer. He just had superior knowledge of metal than everyone else. He formed the layers of stainless steel into the shape of a pan by joining them with aluminum. The food cooks more evenly in this new bonded cookware, which also makes cleanup simpler, doesn’t affect the flavor, and doesn’t tarnish or warp. They have always produced their nonsticks with a PFOA-free coating that won’t decompose or flake off into your meal since keeping your food safe is a top focus.

One of the most well-known items from All-Clad is the All Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Grill Pan. Now you are about to read our detailed all clad grill pan review. We always try to be honest in our reviews. So, what you’re about to read in our all clad grill pan review will significantly improve your pan-buying experience.

It is an excellent grill pan with several advantages that make it simple to utilize. When we buy something, we usually search for good value for money. That is what the all clad grill pan provides. It features some lovely and outstanding advantages that will benefit you.

Features of All Clad HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Grill Pan

All clad grill pan


The first thing you’ll notice about the black all clad grill pan is its stunning black color finish with a classic style. It’s not the most flashy pan, but it’s also neither horrible nor boring. This pan is available in a square shape. A pan with this shape seems more stylish and cool. It would look great in any sort of kitchen with its elegant design.


The internal structure is comprised of heavy-gauge, hard-anodized aluminum that has been coated with three layers of a safe, PFOA-free nonstick material to provide unparalleled release and durability. This coating is perfect for delicate or sticky dishes since it prevents food molecules from sticking to the surface. The enamel, which is made especially for cooking at high surface temperatures, gradually develops a natural patina that is perfect for searing. Features raised ridges for enhanced fat release and searing, as well as producing the classic grill markings.


As you can see in the image, hard anodized aluminum in black appears to be quite durable and stylish. This pan is 11 inches in diameter. It can hold a 32 oz. When it is 11 inches in diameter. Overall, it provides a convenient cooking experience with excellent performance, durability, and a simple food release that is easy to clean.

All clad HA1 grill pan


Three layers of nonstick coating cover the entire interior of the all clad grill pan, ensuring that food slides straight off without the need for frequent stirring or unnecessary oil. The conventional seasoning and upkeep needs for aluminum are eliminated by satin enamel, and the enamel eventually develops a natural patina that is perfect for searing. The HA1 Collection offers the ultimate versatility by working with both gas and electric cooking surfaces. Even the oven or broiler (up to 500°F) will work. On Amazon, this grill pan has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating. It has a 5-star rating from 84 percent of users and a 4-star rating from 12 percent of users. This allows you to infer the pan’s performance. You can check those ratings by clicking here.


The aluminum handle on the all clad grill pan is quite comfortable. This pan has riveted stainless steel handles for a stronghold. The handle is intended to be safe; it will do no harm to the hand. The handle is secured to the main body with two strong screws and does not become hot during cooking, allowing you to move freely. To enable the hanging of the pan on the rack, a hole has been cut in the head of the handle. There will be no lid or cover included with this pan.

Perfect Sear Marks:

Features raised ridges for enhanced fat release and searing, as well as for producing the traditional grill markings. A stovetop grill is unbeatable for its searing qualities. No matter what you put on surface patties, skirt steak, or even vegetables—the raised ridges will develop those unique grill marks, turning every meal into a summer cookout regardless of the weather outside.

Cleanup Performance:

This grill pan is nonstick and manufactured of aluminum, as you are aware. Aluminum is simple to clean and maintains its original gleaming finish. The HA1 Collection is dishwasher safe as well, although we recommend hand washing with mild detergent and nonabrasive pads to maintain the nonstick function.

Tip: The sear line from ribbed grills will not be generated if the surface of the pan is too cold or the food is too moist. You must keep this in mind. Never add oil to a cold pan since it can get too hot and start to smoke. Spread a few droplets of water over the heated surface with your fingers. If they sizzle and evaporate almost instantly, then the substance is heated and ready for use.

All Clad Grill Pan Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the dimension of this pan?

Ans: Item Dimensions LxWxH :: 21 x 11 x 3 inches.

2. Capacity of food?

Ans: 2 pounds.

3. Weight of this pan?

Ans: 3.5 pounds.

4. Can I use this on a glass-top stove?

Ans: Yes, it works on glass top stove.

5. Is All-Clad grill pan oven safe?

Ans: Yes, Oven safe up to 500 degrees F.


  • Nonstick
  • Dishware safe
  • PFOA free
  • Durable
  • Perfect sear marks
  • Riveted stainless steel handle


  • Only one color and one shape are available.
  • not for the induction cooktop

A necessary kitchen tool! This All Clad grill pan is excellent and reasonably priced. The materials and workmanship are of the highest quality. This heavy-duty aluminum pan warms up fast and evenly. The medium-sized, square surface supports a wide range of food shapes and sizes. The pan’s non-stick surface is incredibly long-lasting, and it is also simple to clean and sturdy.

A User’s review.

For a very long time, I had wanted this pan. The pan I used had a limited cooking surface, was made of circular cast iron, was challenging to clean, and frequently triggered the smoke alarm. All of those problems were resolved by this all clad grill pan. Due to the pan’s square shape, it can hold several pieces of steak or chicken. I have used it for kebabs in the past. It cooled down fast and was simple to clean.

Kate Costello
A buyer

I’m not sure if my unit is broken or not. But after using my Ninja grill, which had hamburgers that stuck to it and was a major pain to clean up, I decided to purchase this All Clad grill pan. Perfect! So much better than I feel foolish for wasting so much money on the Ninja grill.

Sandra D
A buyer

Final Words:

So there you go. How was the All Clad Grill Pan Review? The all clad grill pan by All-Clad may not fulfill every cook’s requirement. But it is definitely easy to use, nonstick aluminum pan with Perfect Sear Marks and superior heat distribution interior. Every cook will love this pan because of its heat distribution and cool-looking design. If you are looking for a pan to grill something, you can definitely check this all clad grill pan.

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